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SABMiller Spy Training and Hostage Rescue Event

This two day event took place in September with a group of 30 guests at Foxhills Hotel. Both mornings were taken up with presentations, followed by lunch before a short activity safety briefing. The group was split in to five teams who participated in the following activities:

Afternoon 1 - Spy Training
Teams rotated around eight indoor and outdoor activities throughout the afternoon, such as safe cracking, axe throwing, sniper shooting and stage fighting. On the successful completion of each mission, teams were awarded Spy Dollars. The aim of the first afternoon was to earn enough Spy Dollars to purchase valuable intelligence for the activity on the second afternoon.

A relaxed barbecue was held in the evening with giant games and guests were accommodated overnight at Foxhills.

Afternoon 2 - Hostage Rescue
After lunch, a (willing!) member of the group was forcibly and publicly taken hostage by terrorists. Teams were issued with Special Forces outfits, given instruction on how to handle their infra-red weapons and trained in the methods of room entry and urban area operations. They were then instructed that their mission for the day was to rescue the hostage, which they had to plan, practice and implement during the course of the afternoon. Teams had to establish where the hostage was being held and who the captors were. To establish these facts, they were able to purchase intelligence using the Spy Dollars they earned from the previous afternoon's activities plus they also needed to build additional intelligence by way of a series of covert operations.

Their mission culminated with a covert vehicle insertion from where teams succeeded in their ruthlessly efficient rescue operation, releasing the hostage unscathed!

'Dear Sarah, I am writing to thank you for the spy training and hostage rescue event which you organised for SABMiller's IT department....From the sourcing of an original event, to the actual organisation, we found Spider's involvement professional, value-adding, knowledgeable and friendly. The spy training and hostage rescue has had a lasting impact on every member of the team, and everyone's feedback on the event has been extremely positive. We appear to have set a new high standard for events at SABMiller, and I am sure, given the success of the event, that this new standard will prove hard to beat.'
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